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Download Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley ISO [PSP/PPSSPP]

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley (牧場物語シュガー村と皆の願い, Bokujou Monogatari: Sugar Mura to Minna no Negai, lit. Ranch Story: Sugar Village and Everyone's Wish) is one of the core Harvest Moon titles released for Sony's Playstation Portable, and is also available on the Playstation Network.
 The game's story, setting and characters are all similar to Save the Homeland for the Playstation 2. Hero of Leaf Valley can be viewed as an enhanced version of Save the Homeland with more features, and the marriage system brought back.

The heartless Funland corporation is going to bulldoze the town and replace it with an amusement park unless its citizens can find a way to stop them! Players will need to grow crops, raise animals, and mine ores and gems to help save Leaf Valley and their family farm. Along the way, they'll earn money and develop their skills in interactive part-time jobs, and build their relationships with the villagers in order to gain their trust and help.

Title Game : Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley
Genre : Strategy
languange : English
Release Date : 04-05-2010

  • Download : HERE
  • Password : nicoblog
this game on android or pc you will need a emulator : PPSSPP 
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