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Tips How To Create Email with Your Own Domain Using CPanel


Today the use of email for business facilitation using free Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, and Microsoft Mail, is widely used by businesses. However, I think it would be better if we use their own domain names in our email address. Although the actual how to create an email with your own domain it is not difficult, it turns out some people do not understand how.

How to create an email with your own domain using cPanel:
1. The first step we have to log into cPanel.

2. Upon logging into cPanel, note the Mail. There we will see there are a lot of menus for the Mail option, because we want to create a new email address then click Email Accounts menu.

2. On the next page we will be asked to fill out a form to email data that we will create.

  • In coloum email content with the email address you want, for example, we want to create an email then the column is filled with the word "contact".
  • In coloum password filled with the password of your email, and also fill in the password box (again) with same password. We recommend using a strong password for your email.
  • In the Mailbox Quota, we can adjust the amount of capacity that can be accommodated email. Quota should be adjusted to the needs and size of your hosting capacity.
  • Then click the Create Account button, then will display a notification "Account Created" which means that your email account has been successfully created.

At this stage you have successfully created an email account with your own domain name in cPanel. The next step is how to get into the email account that has been created.

4. To access the email account that has been created, you must open a particular URL in your browser.
  • Access the URL of your domain name .com / webmail, for example
  • Then enter the user name and password, and click log in.

5. To use WebMail, after login you can read and send email with option 3, using
Horde RoundCube, and SquirellMail.

How to create an email with your own domain using cPanel, it is very easy. Hopefully this short tutorial for you.
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