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How To Integrate Blogs With Facebook [Automatic]

To send a link blog posts to Facebook can be done in 2 ways, namely by means of manual and automated manner with the help of tools / applications from third parties. I prefer to use the app to send the article link to Facebook because it's easier and faster. In order to send the link of our blog posts to Facebook automatically, we have to integrate the blog with our own Facebook account.


There are several applications that can be utilized, for example using Twitterfeed, and Rss Graffiti. I prefer to use Rss Graffiti because by using this application, our blog articles that appear on Facebook look more attractive. In addition to displaying most blog posts, RSS Graffiti also displays a link and a picture of the article on Facebook so make Facebook users are more interested in visiting these links.

How to Integrate Blog With Facebook

To use this application, you must have a Facebook account first. If you do not have a Facebook account, please first created, it is very easy. I once wrote about how to create a Facebook account.
  • The first step open your Facebook account.

  • Then is open the app page Rss Graffiti of your Facebook account page. This application we can use it for free, can also be used in the paid version is certainly better facilities. But for a simple blog, i think just use the free version only.
Upon entry to the Rss Graffiti page, you can click on the link "Add new publishing plan


  • In the column "Name New Publishing Plan", enter a name for your publishing, can use your own domain name or a blog. Then click the link "Create a publishing plan".

  • On the next page we could fill a blog feed source and target (FB accounts) that we will send the feed.

  • In the section "Sources" we can add the Blog Feed by clicking on the "New Source". Later pop-up will appear, fill your blog feed in the column provided. Then click the "Add Source"
  • Later will come the new pop-up for further settings. On that page, which is most important to note is the section "Maximum posts per update", fill in according to your needs. When you post an article on the blog quite a lot, you can adjust the amount of feed to be sent to Facebook. After that, click "Save".
  • In the "Target", we will add the target (FB account) that will be sent to our blog feed. This target could be a personal Facebook account, Facebook Fan Page, and also a Facebook Group where we are the admin. Please click the "New Target", then will display a pop-up. On these pages we could fill up a Facebook account that will be shipped blog feed. At the post-style, just select the standard. Click "Save".
  • Publishing final step is to activate the plan by clicking the "Off" to "On".
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