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Simple Ways to Overcome Spam Comments on Blog

As a blogger, I would expect the comments from readers of my article, but I do not want my blog "disturbed" by the presence of SPAM. Then, how? The blog owner needs to have the tools to prevent the spamers in action, or at least minimize.

Lately a lot of SPAM comments that go to my blog, some are sent using the software trying to leave links to other websites in the comments of my blog, and some are sent manually. I think there is no point sending SPAM comments like that, besides disturbing the blog owner, promotion in that way would not be effective. Below is an example of SPAM comments by using the software.

Below are some options that we can do to help resolve the issue SPAM comments:

Option 1: Put the Captcha On Blogs

I wanted to put a captcha on the comments on my blog, so anyone who wish to comment must type a captcha listed on emerging. But I think this would make people want to leave a comment to be uncomfortable, and I do not usually like to comment on a blog that implement this way. I do not use this option.

Option 2: Using a Different systems Comments (Diqus or Jetpack)

Disqus is very much in use today. However, I personally liked it less. In this comment system, my friends blogger can not leave their site because Disqus address does not provide the address column to fill your blog / website. Of course, bloggers want to leave a "trace" of their blog on other blogs to get traffic from these blogs.

Blog friends visit each other bloggers is one of the ways that often do this to fellow bloggers for interacting with each other. So, if there is no column to leave the website address, of course, other bloggers will be reluctant to leave a comment on the blog. I do not use this option.

Option 3: Adding Check Box To Enable Button Submit Comment

I think this is one of the easiest ways to banish the spamers who leave comments manually. To add a check box that can be done by manually adding certain code on file comments.php.

I prefer to use the plugin, by installing plugins GASP (Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin). Plugins are free and can be found using the search field on wordpress by typing the keywords "Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin", you can also download and upload through cpanel GASP. I use the plugin GASP and Akismet plugin.


In my opinion, the problem of SPAM comments will not be overcome simply by relying on one hundred percent the plugin Akismet and GASP. We still have to do it manually moderation. Usually I do moderation on new comments coming in every day. And for some people who have some time to send your comments, I am setting Auto approve without moderation again. You got another way to address the comment SPAM? Please share via the comment. Thank you for reading my article.
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