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Strategies to Build High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the important factors in SEO (search engine opitimzation). As long as there are search engines (search engines), especially the Google search engine, then backlinks will always have an important role in improving a website's ranking in search engines. Backlinks is a way to improve SEO, however, the effectiveness of backlinks itself is influenced by many factors, for example; backlinknya source, anchor text, number of backlinks, and others.

backlink.jpgBased on my experience, can not guarantee the number of backlinks a website will rank better in the search engines. In fact, too many backlinks to a website can actually cause the website is experiencing 'issues', such as slumped position on search engines, even experienced deindex or removed from the list of search results.

I'll try to explain a little bit about the strategy to build backlinks which I often do. Actually this is not purely the result of my thoughts, but learn from the experience of others and also from some other source that then I did on a couple of websites that I manage. The result is a variation, some of my websites has increased both slowly, and others experienced a very significant increase in rank.


Strategies to Build Backlinks

1. Anchor Text

If the earlier times, making the position of the website for a particular keyword usually by using anchor text exactly as the targeted keywords (exact match) as much as possible. But the era of Google Penguin and Panda, this way is not recommended because it will create a website that dibacklinks get into trouble.

The recommended percentage of anchor text for backlinks:

Exact match: 0-15% (eg shoe store cheap, trendy women's clothing, cheap SEO services, online business, etc.)
URL: 30% - 80% (eg:,, etc.)
Brand: 10% - 80% (for example: Google, Yahoo, etc.)
Random: 30% - 80% (eg: click on this link, visit the website, see the website, go to the website, etc.)
To figure the percentage does not have to be exactly as I mentioned above, can be estimated solely by the website owner. To be sure, the use should be made of backlinks with anchor text that varies.

2. Sources Relevant backlinks (links relevancy)

Many internet marketers and bloggers who do not care about the source of backlinks from anywhere, which is important to backlinks. If you are one of those people who often think like that, then you have to change it because of the relevance of a source of backlinks is very influential on the quality of the backlinks that we build. For example, I have a blog with content / topic of Internet Marketing, it will be better when you get backlinks from websites / blogs that have the same subject or topic is related to my website.

In addition, content around the links is also very influential on the quality of those links. For example, I create an article that talks about "How to grow chili" on a blog that the topic of Education. Then suddenly there was a link in the article that led to pages of other websites whose content about "Tips on caring for motorcycles". Surely this is not the right way to build backlinks for our website.

The percentage of backlinks from websites / content from other relevant sites:

Website: 40% - 80%
Content: 70% - 90%

3. Variations source backlinks (link diversity)

It is very important to note when building backlinks to our website. A website will usually get a very good ranking when the website gets links from various types of websites than when links come from one type of website.

We can build links from multiple sources, including; Web 2.0, Web PDF sharing, social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus), Blog roll, picture sharing sites (Pinterest), Forums, Social bookmarking, and others. The more varied sources of backlinks to our website then it will look more natural.

4. Rel Nofollow and Dofollow

Many bloggers and internet marketers who are "dismissive" nofollow link and dofollow backlinks just give them to the website. The fact that there is in the 'field' is very much a website that has a good ranking in SERP after given nofollow backlinks. Indeed nofollow links will not "contribute" to a page rank (PR) of a website, but will still provide link juice.

Percentage of nofollow backlinks to the website suggested:

10% - 40%

5. Backlink of IP and different C Blocks

IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique computer on the Internet network, or it could be analogous to our home address, house number, postal code number, and area. Internet protocol (IP) in Indonesia, for example and Well, C is the number of blocks that I bold and underlined.

Backlinks coming from websites with IP and different C blocks much better than backlinks from websites with IP and C blocks are the same. What is meant here is the host of a website that link to your site comes from the IP and C blocks are different. For example, Web 2.0 such as,,,, and others. So, if you have multiple websites hosting which is derived from a single host, you should be careful in putting up a link to one another.

6. Distribution-way links to your website

Backlinks should be directed to multiple pages within a website, do not just provide links to the home page only. Some people may be too focused provide a backlink to the home page, but in my experience, it would be better if the distribution of backlinks is also directed to another page (inner pages) on the website.

Percentage number of backlinks to the homepage and inner pages are suggested:

Home page: 20% - 50%
Inner pages: 50% - 80%

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7. Scheduling backlinks (Timing)

Build backlinks to your website / blog would be better if done gradually so that it looks natural. Try to compare which one is more natural, built 1000 backlinks in just one day and no backlinks in the following days OR 1000 backlinks built in 3 months - about 11 links per day - gradually, you would already know the answer. Build backlinks to a website with a number too much, and in a short time will give a signal to the search engines that your site is optimized in a way that is excessive. Risks that could happen is a website ranking will decrease or even deindex.

In addition, we also need to consider the age of the website which will be given backlinks. Logically, a website / blog that age is still very 'young' - let alone the new domain - backlinksnya still little or no backlinks. It would be unnatural if the website with a new domain suddenly have thousands of backlinks from various websites. Risks worst that could happen on the website is not indexed.

The above mentioned are some important things that need our attention in building backlinks to our business website. Perhaps there are still some things I miss, but at least the above has been proven to successfully provide a positive impact to my website. If you have any additional feedback or the other about strategies to build backlinks, please share via the comments form below. Thank you for reading my article.
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