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How To Get Out of Google's Sandbox

How To Get of Google's Sandbox

There are several things that can make a blog subject to sanctions from Google. Call it doing black hat like hoarding keyword (Keyword Stuffing), text is not visible (hidden text), excessive optimization, and much more.

For each violation Google has a variety of sanctions, ranging from a downgrade, to block (tires) of our website from the index. For bloggers who really wants the popularity of the blog, then this is a disaster. Some things are seen as severe sanctions in addition banned from Google is a downgrade and the Google Sandbox. Is there a way out of the sanctions provided by Google?

Maybe there is, but first you need to know how Google gave sanction system. A blog can get penalized by Google through two methods. The first method is manual, if there is a reported blog problematic. The second method is based on the algorithm Robot sanctions.

How to recover a Google rank down?

You simply do a very simple steps, namely figuring out what offense you have done. Check the following points:
Is your blog posts do not have the same color as the background. Try to disable the background image on your browser.

Is your blog not provide links to sites that are not clear? Moreover, if there is a link on your blog to a paid review sites immediately unplug?
Is your blog put up the frame or iframe like Shoutbox?
Does your site use the flash image?
Are you accumulate keywords?
The rate of backlinks suddenly drop?
Or you just change the template?

If it is true there is one of those things over which you do, then immediately correct. If you sanctions caused by algorithm, then sanctions will recover soon downgrade. Only it should be noted that the downgrade because changing the template takes longer. (But keep open the possibility that your ratings go down because of less competition with other bloggers who keep popping up)

And what about the Google Sandbox? ....

How to restore the affected blogs Google Sandbox?

From the experience of the bloggers, Google sandbox attack blogs excessive in optimization. Then how can recover? The answer is HARD, pages that have been slammed to the Google Sandbox could take months.
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You must make a return to normal optimization, pending a review of the algorithm the robot, it can run a month to six months, that's why Google's Sandbox is avoided because it is not easy to get out and could take a very long time.

Because it mostly concerns the optimization backlinks are already embedded, while the backlinks that are embedded can not be edited anymore. So just continue to develop the reputation of our blog to be considered reasonable by the number of backlinks that are already installed.

Tips to try:

Install the Google Analytic code on your blog.
After that, think about how to keep the visitors who come to the blog we want to open a page that is being hit sandbox. If Google Analytic code to detect an increase in traffic to a page that hit the sandbox, then it can improve the reputation of the page.
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